I had a 'aha' moment today while thinking about the concept of 'consistency'...

You know, lack of consistency lies next to procrastination..

The two are very similar.

In fact, they could be two sides of the same coin.


You already know logically that one of the secrets of success is being consistent with your action.

Even though I fully understood the idea..

.. but deep down inside my guts i felt that "It's difficult to be consistent.."

That was my aha moment.

Coz that's when I realized this was one of the strongest negative beliefs i had that was still holding me back from being consistent (and procrastination free).

Here's the really interesting part:

It reminded me of my childhood events when mom used to ask me to do home chores (making up the bed, do your homework etc)....

... and like any kid i hated doing those things.

Then one day i saw some other kid  consistently doing these chores like a very obedient kid...

and i concluded "Man its so difficult to be consistent!"

Did you notice what happened?!

I was able to drill down my negative beliefs down to its sources.

I was able to connect emotionally with origins of this belief that i held in my mind for so long "it's difficult to be consistent..."

Once i figured where this belief came from(childhood events)...

...then I proceeded with the belief elimination process that I teach in my book Procrastination Elimination Method.

The process is simple yet very effective and using it you can knockout a negative belief in as little as 20 minutes or even less.

I share a few more interesting and unusual methods in my book.

Check it out while it's still on discount...

Here's the link: http://procrastinationeliminationmethod.com/

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